I am a storyteller.

Rushing forever onward in the name of progress, in the name of money and in the name of good intentions we miss so much in the moment that it takes to blink an eye. The mind races with thoughts both positive and negative, all distractive forces from life surrounding ourselves.

The day care charges an outrageous price per minute over the closing time, work puts meat on the table, and the buses are always running late. Traffic, co-workers, management downsizing, and impossible deadlines all impose themselves within our time schedules to overwhelm. Weekends’ overloaded parking lots, extra-curricular activities, parental obligations, and familial certainties, in addition to societal obligations compel additional energies and thoughts onward to more doing and more focus. Wedding and baby showers, hospital visits, new homes and vacation trips entertain yet even more of the human senses until there are no sensory perceptions available outside of our self-propelled world. Technology, video games, Skype, Twitter, have all provided human communication — without human interaction.


Turn out of the dark and out of the light and come into the shadows for a moment in time. Here resides the cool of respite with no preconceived notion, sheltered from societal obligation. Within the arms of the solace of this temporary shelter, witness neither elaborate assessment nor examination. There shall be no purpose to prove any existing knowledge within the shade of differing realities.

Within this moment comes order out of chaos.

Come, drink in the coolness of peace as nature presents relationships that have been crying out to be heard, to be seen, to be felt, for all senses to enjoy as the opposing forces come together and mesh to form a perfect whole.

Join me, if you wish, amongst the shadows as I explore the harmony within the turmoil of this beautiful thing we call life. You may find the repulsive is exquisite and the sorrowful – joyful. As a very good friend of mine told me, “Life is all about the balance of perspectives, priorities, and perception.” We shall walk between the shadows of differing realities and witness opposing views as they coalesce to form some sense of truth.

I am a shadow walker.