There in front of me was my lover. He stood so beautiful and suggestive. We had been apart for so long and he had changed so little. I allowed him to become my ambassador to all other relationships. We were together for so many years and shared so many laughs and tears together. I do not believe that I have ever come across any other lover with whom I have been able to be as intimate. Smooth as a glass polished in the ocean and stately as a diplomat, he is already calling me to stumble into his arms once again.

Yet he beckons me to be discreet. I must be willing to take the challenge by opening him in order to open myself to him. Oh, the barrier he has! Should I open this once again and fall in I know where it will lead.

I will swim into this all and lose myself in him. He is filled with a liquid that at first feels so warm. Fool myself first, please, and think of it, as hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day; yet the warmth will burn into my very soul. Those cinders begin the fire that burns into more than desire and the obsession begins. The bottle will be the lethal love once again.

© 1/11/11 julie sortor