Since God is love, and He does not fit whenever we try to package him up,

How do I suppose that love will nestle quite nicely in some pretty box that I offer?

For then, am I not just trying again to put my God in the box that I am in?

It just is beyond comprehension.

No words to describe the power and beauty of it all,

Yet all the poets and philosophers, and scientists have been trying since the beginning of time to put into words — an incredible emotion that cannot be limited by language and time.

Love is too much more immense than we as humans can grasp though we try too hard to make it last; when in actuality it has always just been.

When will I learn to leave it alone and ride the storm of emotions that rage when love comes to my heart?

It builds us up, and then tears us apart to rebuild one more time, ever more perfect, more complete, than anything ever made by me.

Thank you, God, for this love that enfolds me.

Thank you, God, for the pain that unfolds me,

Therefore, I may be more of me, for you.