What’s in a name, so what’s a title? I was never really impressed with people’s positions or their titles or their names, and I’d call them whatever they wanted to be called. I didn’t really care about any title they gave me for any of the jobs I performed, because they were just jobs and it didn’t matter what you called me, it mattered what I did because what I did and what you called me were so very often two different things.

It is like the name “Dad” and the name “father.” I can call you anything you’d like, well maybe a husband but that didn’t make you one just like telling me I was good didn’t make me good, and calling me sister and being a brother were really two different things entirely, now weren’t they? Because anybody could be named “dad” and most any male can be a father but it really takes somebody special to be one of those and not just called one.

You never say “Ma,” only Mom or Mother and I really liked Mother because it is just so much more impersonal since our relationship that we had was always that way. I can call you a “dad” but I know you didn’t father this child who tries and can’t seem to show that she has something worthwhile because nobody will see. You talk about dad but never the father so the father becomes nothing more than a hazy dream and can be anything you want it to be.

My sister really is my sister and it’s wonderful. I call my brother, my brother, because that is all it is.

It is just another name, another thing to identify. It’s just another label and labels come off cans and bottles and then you have to open them to see what they really are. I remember the time the IGA put the wrong labels over cans of dog food or cat food or something like that. I think they called it tuna and people bought it and then they actually ate it. They were so upset when they found out about the substitution, about what it really was because they were just fooled by the label, weren’t they? They were fooled by the label so what is a name but just another label. So, you can call me anything you want and they did when I was a kid.

We just use the labels to come up with names because we are so damned confused on how to know things without labels, because we cannot see through the cans and the bottle are dark and sometimes even when we open them, we must taste and smell them and even then sometimes we can’t tell what it is all about. It could be poison or it could be good, but we are so damned limited and we sometimes decide that the cat food or dog food is just like the tuna that we bought the last time we went shopping.

Then again, sometimes the labels are right, but somebody has decided to taint it with needles and poisons. They make something that should be really good to the senses nasty and dangerous and a killer, a poison. Who do we do this to but the children when they dress up in fun and go trick or treating? It’s all supposed to be fun and it’s supposed to be sweet, and now there are places to take all the treats to make sure some asshole hasn’t decided to have a tainted delight in ruining some life

We can’t really trust that even if the label is right, that what is included won’t bite. What is in a name, and does it really matter what I call you? What else can you do but put a label on these things that you do; it doesn’t change who I am, it just seems to help identify, describe, characterize.