This piece in no way is reflective of those pastors, ministers, preachers, etc. for whom it does not apply.

This piece is a draft of an ongoing piece that I wrote years ago after becoming disgusted with those who preach without their robe to save themselves rather than desire to save those who are seeking salvation. Hiding behind a man-made god does not make one necessarily capable of providing a road to way toward salvation. Salvation is instantaneous whilst sanctification takes a lifetime.

God in a Box Part II

In the beginning there was God; and God is still there, and God is still here and God is where we are going. God is where we have gone, and God is where we may never be. God is where we become; and God is whole, so God is all. We can’t put him in some box of some sort that fits up in our minds for our minds are of flesh and that means we are limiting the spirit once more.

I find it so amazing that man has decided, so many, many times, that he can tell us all about this God who is the creator. It is absurd. It is playing God ourselves to take on the role to explain God since we really are just beginning to expand the concept and, COME ON, who are we to set down all the rules that must be followed to obtain the Grace that He is extending toward us? The rules that are laid down are dogma and doctrine and really have nothing to do with the soul. They are all about the mind, and renewing the mind so we can stop the flesh, but we cannot stop the flesh and that is the point and why he sent, to us, Christ.

Christ was there hanging on the cross once. We beat him, and flogged him, and tore out his beard with our own hands, and then thrust his head with thorns so sharp no one among us would be able to withstand, without cries and fainting and such. Yet He endured and endured he did simply to provide us with all that man had tried to perform themselves….and could not.

Could not…cannot…save our own souls.

So the churches set in, and started the rules and they are the ones who transcribed the Word. So I read the Word and always wonder just who it was that wrote them, and just what frame of mind they were under, along with the political views of the time – for everything always must be politically sound and correct. Why else would there be the dark ages that came to pull the shroud upon the church once again, and it was all made up and make-believe and anything the current political power wanted us to believe. It really has nothing to do with the Word and everything to do with the World.

So, I read my books and have quite a few; yet really not enough. I wish I knew just how to read the Hebrew to see just what was in that original bible. Denominations, doctrine and dogma guide us all in our search for the creator; yet he is just there and waiting, and knows we will never know.

We will never know.

Yet for some reason it is so all important to grasp and wrap up our understanding, like what I want to do with my mind and I cannot for it will not fit. God doesn’t fit into this world where we live, which is why we are here and he is not. Even that is not true for He is here and He is there and He is in the past and in the future and in all times, at all times, and that is just beyond our comprehension. We have clung so tightly it seems to time and years and things that can be put into the box in our head – so we can control all that happens as life just flows. How on earth are we ever going to comprehend something so wise and so narrow, something so terrible and wonderful, and something so old and so new?

He just is.

When I get to the point, sometimes, when I can grasp that single thought, I have once again put him in a box.

There are Christians and Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and all sorts of beliefs I have not even explored. Then there are those who have decided we are the god of our understanding, which is really quite frightening for I have provided to myself, over and over again there is absolutely no way I can save me from myself. They state that it must be something I have not done, and I need to look within to find my weakness for it is all about weakness of the soul which is really the time, for they fool themselves. They scare me the most, for they are unable to see objectively just how human we really are. If we do not seek, we will not find the truth of the matter, the truth of it all, and the truth is whatever we make it. Others all search for this thing called God and are overcome with the majesty of it all. Then there are those who go to the church or the temple or prayer place of whatever they use, and they do what is expected of them yet never truly believe in anything but themselves. We cannot call it organized religion but it is really quite old and it is why the story of Babel is told.

The inquisition was just a terrible thing, but really not more than the dark ages or the persecution of the Christians with the lion’s dens, nor World War II in Europe or how about all the genocides we have witnessed simply in the past twenty years? In Africa and Turkey and Iraq and Russia, and the Caribbean and even right here in the grand old states that are united?

Denominations, dogma and doctrine

We do we feel the need to be right and that our way is the only way to heaven I have absolutely no idea what it is all about, and the reason to me is really quite plain: should I know how it will end I will skip all the stuff that lies in-between for I will not want to look at the inhumane ways that we must travel to get wherever we go.

Then there are preacher men, who state they know the road, and we must follow them and it is all about Love and it just tears them apart to see their brothers and sisters wandering alone in a field. They stand there and scream to ears that cannot hear for the wanderers are only interested in taking one more, simply just one more, step in this thing we can life.

The preachers, they reach out and grab them up and try to stick them in a box for that we they can play the mind games to tell them just what to believe and what they are told are some things never said in any of the good Books I have read. It is all about judgment though they claim they do not judge, and it is all about condemnation though vengeance is not theirs. It is all about doing just the right thing, and they say it and say it and say it so often they forget the words that came to them in the beginning.

Then there are those that hang on to the gate. For all I have read it seems to me that Christ is the gate-keeper, He is the one who watches as we walk on in, and they say that once we pass that gate we are then beginning our eternal life. So many, so many, of the preachers out there are hanging so tight to the gate, it seems that their hands are all bloodied from the splinters as they try to hang to the post of that gate, and grab the ankles of those walking past. When they get hold of somebody’s foot, they do not understand why the person falls and cannot seem to grasp the simple fact that they are the ones that tripped them up.

So, to continue to hang on to the gate, they are in absolutely no position to help you up. Then you find you have scraped your knee and your nose is now all bloody so you must stop your walk to fix up the wounds that should never, ever, never have happened.

Preacher man, narrow-minded man, get out of my way.

You fucked with my God and then I had no idea that the scratches had become infected. What happened with the sores that grew? Infection took place and the blood was poisoned, and then I was ashamed of the God that saved me from myself.

So, here is a thought that crosses my mind: if I tripped at the gate one more time it must not all be true. I had no idea that you tripped me up and thought that the fall was all mine. Yet I never looked down to see your hands grasped around my shoe; not until the blood was poisoned. The blood was what saved me, so the blood was not tainted and filled with disease and the fears came back to haunt me. Since demons were flying around my head, I decided I would be better off dead than trying even just one more time to walk this path of eternity.

Preacher, preacher, narrow man, you have it all wrong. It is you that are bleeding and you that are hurt, and you must let go of that post if you want to ever get past the burdens you carry. Do not let go and when will you let the gatekeeper alone? He is ready to take your burdens from your back, but you think you must save us all instead, for if you do not then you will not be saved, and that is not the way the Word goes.

Here I am thinking that nobody wants to save me, and they already have….they already have. Christ has let me pass; this is unfamiliar territory I trod. I really am unsure of each step that I take and it does not make sense and cannot fit in a box. I walk just to keep on walking for, if I stop, I am unsure if I will fall. If I fall, I am not sure I will stop and then I land where I have run from. My mind scares me so much. If I had a choice it would be peace of mind, I have a very hard time with intelligence.

The joke of it all is that it is all a gift.

Why do I always think it is fatal? Why cannot I find hope through this all? Why do I think I always have it wrong? Where is all my hope?

Love is such a powerful emotion that drives us all, yet the only way for it to grow is not necessarily to try to make it all fit in a box because since God is Love and He does not fit when we try to package him up, how on earth do I suppose that Love will nestle quite nicely in some pretty box that I offer for then am I not just trying again to put my God in the box I am in?

It is just beyond comprehension. There are no words to describe the power and beauty of it all, yet all the poets and philosophers and scientists have tried, since the beginning of time to put into words this incredible emotion, that will not be limited by language and time. Love is too much more immense than we, as humans, can grasp though we try so hard to make it last when in actuality I has always been. When will I learn to leave it alone and ride the storm of emotions that rage when love comes o my heart? It builds us up and then ears us apart to rebuild one more time ever more perfect, more complete than anything ever made by me.

That you God for this love that enfolds me. Thank you God for the pain that unfolds me; so I may be more of me for You.