The power of fear is beyond comprehension. It can take control of our mind and control time. It can take the now and move it away and replace it with a yesterday that once was, and never will be, and yet we are unable to free our souls from that moment in time with no knowledge that we are experiencing it. The power of this thing we call fear can be incapable of finding a place to fit within the minds we have been given. So it takes us over and we then become that which we fear the most. Enigma. Paradox. A being. It becomes.

The soul cries out and is never heard through the ebonic chasm where we fall. Fear takes over our lives, our dreams, and it then becomes all we can know. Then we see nothing, nothing at all, for time has no meaning and love is just too small. When we reach out our hands in the midst of the chaos and cry with our hears for God to save us, He comes into our heart and lights the way for us to climb back out, a hidden stairway is revealed and, as exhausted as we seem, it is up to us to pull on His strength to carry us out of that consuming quagmire dirk pit of hopelessness.

When I try to turn around and look at my fear, darkness as a blanket comes into my mind. I can see nothing, absolutely nothing, and I find it quite confusing. Sometimes I think it really does not have to be quite as painful as we make it. Together we stand, and stand we must, under the trials and pains of our life. We cannot go it alone, at least I know I cannot, and I need all the people I can trust.

The gifts that we receive when experiencing this are there for a reason; as the ripples that flow when I toss those pebbles in the river, prayer upon prayer, they sometimes move on and then the river is still. I sit by the river, just God and my soul, tossing the stones to see where it all goes.


~~jules sortor