stopped going between the houses

where the shrubs are so thick

never really thought about it

anywhere but there

no conscious decision

no strategic plan

just stopped going there once

and haven’t been back again

said things that sounded nice

touch was so soft


nothing quite fit

show me show me see me

touch touch fingers lips

displayed a thing to see

no longer a piece of me

you must know what you’re doing

this is supposed to be fun

i’ll like it see, i’ll like it see, can you see

keep going back there

whenever you can

don’t tell

never tell

our own secret

for friends have special

moments that should




only eight candles lit

when you took be there

between our two houses

where the shrubs grow too thick

too thick too thick nobody can see

now touch touch see soft hard

That makes you special




you told me again with nine candles lit

it’s beautiful to be loved

love it


ain’t it grand

for you and me

in our special place

where the shrubs loom too thick

kiss me kiss me

so confused

what made this

so special

so very secret

only for friends

between the two houses

where the shrubs seemed so deep

ah,i see

this is what you want from me

next cake had eleven and the shrubs still grew

getting taller now I knew

this wasn’t right

didn’t want to go

between the two houses

where the shrubs were so thick

how do i stop following you there

somehow it kept happening

the secret so dark

who started dressing me

who stepped into my walk

why do you touch me

when I bleed

what is this fascination

you have of me

my body no longer belonged to me

do what you want

i cannot be harmed

thought feeling have separate lives

as we go between the houses

where the shrubs hide

with twelve candles glowing

i crawled into your bed

for you said

this was beauty

this would be good

skin skin breath breath

drink drink drunk

you couldn’t come up with something better than this

how to get back without being caught

too late too late nothing to say

how can this happen

i don’t understand

the body and mind with different lives

you learn to watch as you move

who is driving this body saying those words

allowing those things you did to me

please don’t touch don’t touch stay out

so what happened next

i picked up i picked up i got drunk

as I split apart

my mind left my soul

soft stroke of fingers

shivers in my soul

didn’t know how to say no

didn’t know if I should could

how could that have been lost

where did it go

don’t touch don’t love

it’s not true

i want it all gone

you should have known





this should not have been

~~jules sortor