the chasm was there

gaping wide


as though, if standing still,

it would soon reach out

to totally




driven to utter terror and desperation


as a deer in the light

away away away

don’t be near me

unable to be accountable

standing so not to run

How did I get here?

don’t belong

get out get out no known way out

but to reach out reach out

frozen in time

the bell the ring the calm of love

was all there was to touch

honesty honesty my God help me!

the answer was there on the phone

when I think i’m the craziest they tell me i’m the sanest

i reached and was pulled away from the darkness

that was calling



my very simple soul

so dark

so ugly

so browngreygreen.

God’s hand reached down


thrust me into His golden light

shaken unsteady unsure confused

ran to the only place I knew

that could offer me hope healing

never alone never never alone

when I can no longer see He will still certainly guide me

lift me protect me from my disease.

thank God for the steps he has laid out for me

and you

for only with you on my path

will there be someone some one most any one to

pull me out of the darkness of my mind and

wrap wings of love around my soul.


~~jules sortor